#Privacy: Cybersecurity incidents at NASA rise fourfold

NASA suffered a total of 1,468 cyber incidents last year, a jump from 315 in 2018, according to analysis of data from the Office of Management and Budget in the USA. 

According to research by AtlasVPN,  “improper usage”, referring to any violation of acceptable usage policies by an authorised user, accounted for 90% of the total increase in cyber incidents. 

While email attacks are a common infection method against public companies, NASA only registered six cases in 2019. 

In 2019, equipment owned by NASA was reported lost or stolen 15 times, causing hugh security risks since threat actors have a “significant amount of time to infiltrate the devices,” AtlasVPN explained.  

NASA is one of few major federal agencies whose cybersecurity budget had been cut, from $170 million in 2018 to $167.6 million in 2019. AtlasVPN went on to comment that the increase in cyber incidents appears to be a direct negative impact from these budget cuts. 

“The complexity, technological diversity, geographical decentralization of government networks are the main digital security challenges that these institutions face,” concluded AtlasVPN. 

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