Comcast claims internet privacy first

US technology company Comcast says it has become the first internet service provider (ISP) to provide Firefox users with a private and secure encrypted domain name system (DNS).

The services will be run through the trusted recursive resolver (TRR) program run by Mozilla, maker of the Firefox browser.

“Bringing ISPs into the TRR program helps us protect user privacy online without disrupting existing user experiences. We hope this sets a precedent for further cooperation between browsers and ISPs,” said Eric Rescorla, Firefox’s chief technology officer.

TRR’s aims to standardise requirements in three areas: limiting data collection and retention from the resolver; ensuring transparency for any data retention that does occur; and limiting any potential use of the resolver to block access or modify content.

“By combining the technology, DoH, with strict operational requirements for those implementing it, participants take an important step toward improving user privacy,” said Comcast. DoH refers to DNS over HTTPS.


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